Monday, 20 August 2012

Time flies.

I am just so rubbish at keeping this blog up to date, days just blend together untill 6 months have passed and I just don't know how.

The Monsters are doing well and we are enjoying the lovely weather together.
J is spending alot of his time out with friends and family.
A has had a sleepover with her best friend and is becoming less tomboy and more girly by the day.
T has had a few trips out with the local councils short breaks services and really enjoys them.
M is my little inventor and spends most days coming up with inventions and designs. He loves Minecraft and could easily spend all day creating on there.

We are all looking forward to the schools re opening so that we can go on trips and not have to wait ages to get on or near anything and get pushed around in the crowds. To us this is a big benefit of home education.

6 Months in pictures:

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