Monday, 20 August 2012

Dyson fun.

I found out about the Dyson Engineering packs on one of the many home ed groups I am a member of.
We applied to borrow a pack and heard back within a few days and our pack was booked to arrive today.
M is the youngest of our monsters and a budding inventor so this is something that I expect he will really enjoy.
The pack arrived this morning and the two youngest monsters were so excited that they began to dissasemble the hoover heads while still in their pj's.

Can you see the excitement on their faces!

So far they have taken apart and put back together the hoover heads and then tested them. Also included are some great posters that I need to find some space for. We still have the main body of the hoover to explore but they are waiting for dad to join in for that.


  1. That looks great - my kids are always taking things apart. Do you have to 'disguise' yourself as a school to borrow it?

  2. No we just applied and where it said school name I wrote home education.