Saturday, 25 August 2012


It feels busy at the moment, we are not rushing around and out of the house all of the time but it still feels busy with the things that we could or want to be doing.

The kids have lots of little projects that they could be starting on and I think that sometimes too much choice isn't productive, it's hard to decide on what to start first.

They have a kit to build your own combustion engine, a kit to explore electronic circuits, a kit to grow crystals, a Dino excavation that nan bought for them, we still have the Dyson kit until Friday and some newly arrived culture swap packages to investigate.

We have recently bought a dollhouse to renovate (post about this coming soon), I have some cross stitch kits to do as gifts and a new crochet hook to play with and I need to start on the jam and chutneys for winter gifts.

So many learning opportunities and so little time!

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